ISB have now completed over 6 Months of trials and we are rolling out the project though out our entire group.

The ISB activity has helped us to monitor booking from our data base and calls coming into each site at the wrong time also assisting us to make important business changes where they were needed, along with over £750k generated in revenue.

In addition to increased bookings and up sell was the fact that that the bookings are entered directly on to our DMS system, ultimately saving  valuable Service Advisor time on a daily basis.

Form a management perspective it’s great to be able to look at each contact made separately, seeing exactly what has been said to the customer, make valuable marketing strategy changes and we are also receiving excellent feedback from the customer.

I believe that working with ISB has given us a greater understanding of CRM and business.




Darren Nicklin

Group Aftersales Manager

Brindley Garages